Clean Power Meets
Energy Security

Structured for the energy transition, WattBridge merges proven technology with a passion for sustainable development. As a global independent power producer, we serve our communities with reliable, carbon-negative peaker plants. Our platform—complete with differentiated design, construction, and locations—is the ultimate in energy security and power-generation resilience.

Our progress is powerful. See why we’re essential for today and relevant for decades to come.

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Renewable Growth

The WattBridge platform is uniquely suited to bridge the gap to a responsible, sustainable energy future. Created as a reliable, affordable answer to grid intermittency, the platform specifically supports baseload renewable installations with fast-start, reduced-emissions power.

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4,000 MW

portfolio in direct support of renewable resources

Energy Security

WattBridge enhances grid resilience by de-risking performance with cutting-edge design and optimal facility placement. For 2022, our HO Clarke and Topaz Generating Stations provided industry-leading start reliability of more than 99%, and after commissioning in January 2021, our HO Clarke station delivered uninterrupted power to 200,000 homes during a historic winter storm.

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fast start even in extreme weather

Reducing Carbon

The WattBridge model displaces legacy power generation resources with an efficient, carbon-negative alternative. In addition to bringing meaningful decarbonization results to our markets, we are working ahead by investing in alternative fuel capabilities—including a $12M test cell—that further position our plants for a clean-energy future.

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Carbon Negative

addition to any market

A Generational Challenge.
A Global Solution.

Repeatable in any power market in the world, the WattBridge platform offers a safe, fast, cost-effective pathway to progress the energy transition. We deliver through a unique, vertically integrated business structure that leverages the expertise of PROENERGY as a major equipment supplier and EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) service provider. We also maintain close relationships with governmental organizations, regulatory bodies, and strategic business partners. These differentiators enable us to take new generation sites from concept to commercial operation at a record-setting pace and cost per kilowatt.


turnaround from financial close to
commercial operations


installations than the average
power-plant build

Installed Cost

per kilowatt in
the industry

HO Clarke Generating Station
100% Reliable

in record freeze

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of uninterrupted merchant operations


powered throughout Winter Storm Uri


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