ESG Matters

For Good

The energy transition will take more than a flip of a switch.

A sustainable, responsible pathway toward carbon neutrality is a call for not only renewables, but also balance. Using a well-rounded strategic approach that embraces environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, WattBridge is here to deliver energy security for Texas and the world, for the present and the future.

Our platform is not a carbon copy of anything else available in the power market. A fleet unlike any other, our plants generate energy in a way that makes renewable growth faster, the future greener, and people’s lives better. While we focus on keeping the lights on in widespread communities today, we also take steps with hydrogen fueling and battery storage technology to power the world for many more decades.

Our 2030 Goal

1,000 kt/year

Less carbon emitted

Equal To

120M gallons

Less gasoline used

Making a Difference
that counts


powered by HO Clarke during
Winter Storm Uri

Hazardous Waste

attributed to our plants

Nerc cip

standard for advanced

$100 Million
In direct economic impact

and job creation supported by
our construction

Top Plant Award
HO Clarke Facility

Gas-Fired Category by POWER Magazine (2022)

8,000 MW
of Power Generation

to enhance energy security by 2030

Carbon Displacement

greenhouse gas

A recent report by ICF concluded that the WattBridge portfolio delivers dramatic decarbonization by displacing older oil, gas steam, and coal assets. The fleet emits 20% less carbon than gas steam units and 50% less than coal, which reduces carbon emissions by ~268 kT/year, equivalent to 30 million gallons of gasoline per year.

Read about the ICF analysis

Energy Security

Lowers Price of
Meeting Demand

ICF analysis considered replacing 2,400 MW of coal with three options: renewables only, renewables plus a 2-hour battery system, and renewables plus the 2,100 MW WattBridge portfolio. The study concluded that the WattBridge solution met demand while saving at least $3.2 billion compared to the next best alternative.

Read about the ICF analysis

$3.2 Billion

saved by combining WattBridge with renewables

Alternative Fuels

Targeting net-zero power generation

PROENERGY and WattBridge have made a significant investment to continue reducing aeroderivative emissions through an alternative fuels R&D program that includes ammonia and hydrogen. By advancing the PROENERGY string-test facility—a unique, plant-level installation that mirrors real-world operating conditions while free from the grid—the companies are now fully hydrogen-fuel ready. Testing this year will start below the established 30-percent hydrogen mix and make incremental increases to a 50-percent mix, with a long-term goal of a 100-percent hydrogen burn.

Hydrogen Ready

$12M+ invested in H2 operations

Sustainable Strategies

Thinking Green
Beyond Operations

WattBridge seeks to improve the ESG impact of each plant, from construction to operations and maintenance. Our generating stations leverage the unique PROENERGY condition-based maintenance and overhaul strategies, which reduce the need for newly manufactured LM6000 engine components. By expertly repairing and refurbishing these parts, we conservatively avoid more than 24 metric tons of CO2 for every engine, or more than 2,000 metric tons for our Texas operations.

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